Any great athlete has a coach in their corner, pushing them out of their comfort zone, believing in them and their abilities, guiding them through obstacles and empowering them to become more. 

If there was ever an area of life where coaching is needed, it's in the area of LIVING in relationships!  I specialize in supporting individuals like you who want to: 

√ strengthen your marriage or partnership

√ find the courage to leave a disempowering relationship

√ become a more loving, patient and supportive parent

√ believe in yourself and your ability to reach your life goals

√ develop healthier habits around how you care for your body, mind and spirit!

My HeartLife Coaching™ is unlike any other coaching program. 

The HeartLife model of transformation is truly unique. It's not therapy and it's not your usual life coaching that is surface, goal/accountability oriented. The HeartLife™ transformational life coaching goes deep – like into your heart – where all that is magnificent about you resides. And the best news is... it doesn't hurt a bit!  In fact my client's finish their sessions:

√  feeling lighter emotionally

√  having greater clarity about who they truly are

√  feeling clearer about where they want to go in life

√  feeling more empowered and capable of creating success in their relationships

√  armed with greater knowledge in how to communicate more from their heart and  less from their ego

√  with greater clarity about their life vision and life purpose

and much, much more.

My support system is simple yet profound.

Living The HeartLife... Letting Go Of The Hard Life  establishes a new framework of understanding.

Living The HeartLife Daily Practices Journal allows you to lovingly see yourself out in the world over a 3-month period and supports you in becoming more of your empowering self while you're letting go of disempowering habits.

The HeartLife  Meditations, when listened to regularly, act as a tuning fork, realigning your energies to your higher-vibration heart qualities that are at your disposal, any time - the part of you that knows nothing but success!

HeartLife Coaching™ is the nurturing guidance that insures that you'll successfully reach your heart's destination.

Short On Time/Money? – No Worries

The HeartLife coaching is designed to get you up and running on higher life octane in very short order. I'm not interested in perpetuating dependency. My intention is to support individuals in becoming empowered, independent, heart-centered citizens of this planet - at an affordable price!  I offer a veritable plethora of coaching options to fit any budget, no matter where you live:

√ email coaching            √ phone coaching           √ in-person coaching 

Each form of coaching is designed to meet your needs and your budget at the same time. 

To learn more about how I may be of service to you, my fees, or any other questions you may have, please contact me.  I would be delighted to answer all of your questions.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


More Testimonials

"Cynthia got me asking the  questions, finding the answers, seeing hidden parts of my self, rediscovering my dreams and seeking my truth. Our work together sped up my path of self discovery. She held my hand through the depths of my soul to uncover my subconscious beliefs that were holding me back. Cynthia encouraged me to do the work that aligned me with my highest self. She helped me see the love and light inside me and radiate it into my life. Cynthia Wand is my mother, my teacher and my dearest friend I will hold her in my heart for all eternity . Thank you Cynthia for being a blessing in my life and a conduit to living my ultimate manifestation because of our work together, I am stepping into my power and creating the life of my dreams!"

Chelsie H. Salt Lake

“When I met Cynthia I felt like I was living in a fog.   I felt overwhelmed, fatigued and disempowered.  Cynthia helped me find and shine my own light and guided me back to owning my power and believing in myself.  She helped me walk out of the dark cloud into a clear space.  She has the ability to very gently and without judgment hold up a mirror so you can see the things that are not working in your life but she also helps to show you your magnificence within.   Cynthia’s gifted insights and wisdom she shared with me will be with me forever.   For this I am truly grateful.”

Stacy B.   Salt Lake City, Ut.

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