About Cynthia

For over twenty-six years, I have been assisting individuals, couples, corporations and educators in the field of personal  development. I have had a very diverse cultural background in this business.

In addition to my one-on-one coaching business I have presented trainings to educators, home-schooling parents, teen lock-down facilities and even native-american communities.

I have been a  Master Facilitator with Virtues Project International since my daughter, Sophie was 2 yers old. It was through my work VPI that my husband, Steven, and I eventually wrote our book Living The HeartLife…Letting Go Of The Hard Life, which provides some of the foundational principles I employ in my transformational life coaching.

In my personal journey of self-discovery, I not only have been passionate about personal development from an emotional/spiritual perspective but also from a physical/well-being perspective. 

If we are ever to experience happiness and fulfillment we must approach our personal development from a holistic approach!

From the age of eighteen I committed my life to feeling strong and healthy from a whole-body perspective, thus began my journey to implementing balanced nutrition and exercise into my daily routine.

Yoga became a cornerstone of my wellness regime over twenty-five years ago and now I am a certified 500 ERYT yoga teacher, loving the opportunity to bring the health benefits of yoga to my students and my coaching clients!

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