Is The Marriage Over?

Couples Coaching

Over these many years I’ve been coaching, the majority of my clients are women and many have come to me seeking support in their troubled marriage/partnership.

Some have come to me in time to salvage and improve their relationship. There was a strong enough foundation in place and a fresh, new perspective renewed their commitment.

But other relationships have become to co-dependant, too toxic, or too controlling. Usually the woman has succumbed to the “controlling” ways of her spouse and in the process has lost her SELF.

After many years of serving the family, raising children and supporting your husband, you may find yourself struggling to find happiness and fulfillment and most importantly SELF-CONFIDENCE!

The fear of surviving a divorce is real. There are many moving parts to figure out. But the most important thing to figure out is WHO ARE YOU & WHAT DO I WANT IN MY NEW LIFE?

If you are at this critical crossroads, then I urge you to contact me, so that I can share with you powerful tools that will support you in:

• creating clear, authentic and assertive communication

• determining a vision for your future, independent Self through the power of self-discovery

• charting an achievable, step-by-step action plan towards independence

• and more!


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