HeartLife Yoga Testimonials

HeartLife Yoga is truly a unique experience, especially when I have the opportunity to go deep with my fellow yogis. Through August and September of 2010 I was able to do just that with my 6-week series entitled Healthy Heart - Balanced Life, held at Lifted Life Yoga Center in Alpine, Utah.

Here are just a few testimonials from some of the participants:

"I just wanted to write you to tell you how much you revamped my entire yogic being from going down the Living the Heartlife 6 week transformation journey.  Every class was truly unbelievably amazing.  You put so much into each class  and I got just as much and more out of the class. It was incredible.  I've never had such an awesome experience.  I'm totally serious.  How can you beat doing yoga blindfolded for an hour and then find yourself led out onto the grass in the dark night for a deep relaxation yoga nidra then take your blindfold off to be under the full moon.  

And if the class experience wasn't enough, then we ate the most incredible food at the end of each evening.  The food was the most super delicious wholesome combination of scrumptous taste bud heaven available to the mortal man. 

Each week, I learned so much about myself through reading the book and practicing the techniques for shedding away the negative thoughts and emotions and creating positive feelings, vibrations, developing trust, deep listening techniques, and recognizing other's virtues.  I am also practicing every day how to respond instead of react.  Letting go of the hard life was my calling.  The timing of the class was impeccable.  I literally found out about the class that very morning it started as if the universe itself offered it up to me.  Everything I was going through in my life was applicable to the subject for each week.  Somedays I would open the book and read one sentence and it would be enough to reflect upon the whole day.  Other times, I wanted to read incessantly the entire book and consume every word.  

I will never forget what you have given me and how much you have helped me.  This class was the keystone in getting me through the toughest times of my life.  Thank You from the bottom of my HEART!  I highly recommend this class to everyone on the planet! "

Rodney L.   Salt Lake City, Ut.

"I am taking away such a power to make my life great from your Healthy Heart..Balanced Life series.  Going through each of the five sections of the HeartLife model by reading the chapters, working through questions/exercises on our own at home, and then sharing and discussing in class, certainly made the concepts clear in my mind.  I felt empowered and encouraged to start applying the concepts immediately.  I do think that I am walking away from the class with an improved life that is only going to get better and better.  It is amazing how much we all accomplished together in the classes, and you made it all so fun! 

I also gained the courage to trust myself to improve my eating, not to mention the tools you gave us to succeed - in the form of wonderful recipes!  I have already made four of your delicious raw recipes and my husband and I just loved them.  I made your Sunshine Corn Chips, Refreshingly Restorative Spritzer, Sensational Salsa, and Gratitude Granola.  Delicious!!  I have plans to make your Peach Blueberry Bliss this weekend, and I am in the process of soaking flax seeds now to make your Very Berry Sweet Flax Crackers.  Yum.  Yum.  Yum.  What a treat to finish each session by eating your gorgeous raw food creations, and receiving the recipes.  Thank you for giving me the tools to trust myself in making this improvement in my life.

Thank you for all that you gift to those around you.  Your talents and generosity definitely make a difference in the lives of those you touch."

Julia B.   Salt Lake City, Ut.

" My Healthy Heart....Balanced Life 6 weeks has been an incredibly empowering and positively awesome class.  This was something that I thought I would never participate in.  I am more balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually now as a result of this class.  I am truly grateful to you Cynthia!  Thank you so much! 

Andrea O.   Salt Lake City, Ut.


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