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This is the best way to introduce ourselves and see if we are a good fit.

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 Just need a quick insight into a challenge or a boost of creativity?

By phone, Zoom, or in person this is the perfect starting point to break through a pressing situation.

I have a limited number of these sessions available.

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If you’re ready to jump in and begin to transform your life in the areas of health/wellness, love/relationships, work/career and most importantly your relationship to yourself, then this option is for you.

With your ten 90-minute sessions by phone, Zoom or in person, and ongoing support between sessions, you’ll be amazed at the results you will create! 

This plan can be paid for in 2-3 installments.

Contact me if you’re ready to learn more about this option.

Coaching For Couples

Coaching For Couples

Custom Pricing Available

Imagine if not only you were working on improving yourself, but your partner was equally committed to doing the same!

I love to work with committed couples who want  their partnership to grow to a more empowering level of acceptance, compassion, communication and love!

But there is also the reality that the partnership is drawing to a close. I have supported many women over the years in designing a courageous and empowered exit plan. 

My couples coaching is a customized package that includes sessions for you individually as well as sessions together - creating a plan to strengthen your life together or possibly your life apart. 

Contact me if you’re ready to learn more about this option.

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