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"In my yoga classes and retreats I have the incredible honor to not only assist my students in strengthening their physical core but I also get to integrate and strengthen their spiritual core and then inspire them to be "out there" in their worlds living their strength and power in a way that uplifts everyone. Yoga is too amazing to practice only in the studio or during a retreat. The essence of yoga deserves to be lived each day, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Combining the all-encompassing benefits of yoga with my HeartLife model of personal transformation gives the world a wonderful gift.”

I am currently certified as ERYT 500-hr., and all my classes are YACEP certified. 

My yoga is truly different and yogis immediately connect with what they experience:.

"Thank you Cynthia for the retreat at Snowbird. It was such a wonderful experience, one I will never forget. Everything was perfect.  You are so incredibly gifted and have so much to teach and share with others.  You spoke in a way that everyone could take it in and receive the information, and knowledge. I loved the yoga, and don't want to stop.  The food was incredible and I've had a re-awakening on how I would like to eat and nurture my body.  I felt such a great energy and clarity after our yoga - thank you again!" 

"Thank you so much, Cynthia, for a wonderful celebration of Spring, yoga, and fresh intentions.  The venue was lovely.  The practice was creative, and flowing, and challenging, and cleansing, and refreshing.  The intention setting and sharing, capped off with a little bit of sunshine and yoga in the grass, was invigorating.  You completely spoiled us with the spring seeds to plant, and the delicious refreshments."


Your whole-body self is so miraculous that all it needs from you is your desire and determination to give it the right environment in which to flourish!


My wellness approach is all about lifestyle intervention and holistic support.  I bring to bare twenty plus years of yoga, yogic science + nutrition, mindfulness, culinary expertise and behavioral modification to support my clients in achieving their health and wellness goals.

In my wellness approach you get the best of the yoga world, plus break-through coaching techniques to achieve your weight-loss, fitness and mind-body goals altogether. 

I provide customized daily wellness plans that incorporate state of the art mind-body and breathing techniques, modified and personalized yoga practices, dietary plans and affirmations.  

Let’s work together to get you on a wellness plan, that works!

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